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Terms & Conditions

  • Customers can become ARY E-Sahulat Wallet Member simply by making their first purchase at any of the ARY Sahulat Wallet Business Alliance or by Registration via SMS, Email, Web Site or Mobile Application.
  • ARY Sahulat Wallet Loyalty is called ARY Coin ¢ (ARY Coin ¢ 1 = PKR 1/-) and Milligold (24K Fine Gold 999.9 1 Milli Gold = 1 Milli Gram)
  • Upon very first spending on selected products or Business Alliances of amount PKR 2500/- you are entitled to get 20 Milli Gold + Loyalty & also get 1 time Dolllar Deal Touch Reward.
  • Dollar Deal Touch Reward makes you entitled to get a guaranteed minimum reward of PKR 25000/- & above.
  • To Redeem Dollar Deal touch reward customer will pay a reward redemption charges PKR 20,000/- to get 100% ARY Coins & Milli Gold.
  • ARY Sahulat Wallet’s ARY Coin ¢ can be redeemed at ARY’s designated outlets only in form of Diamond Jewelry and making charges on Gold Bar/Jewelry.
  • Milli Gold can be redeemed against Gold Bar/Milli Gold drop at ARY’s designated outlets. (applicable making charges as per ARY Gold Bar rates apply).
  • Milli Gold Making Charges. (7.5, 20, 50) Milli Gold Making Charges PKR 40/-
  • 100 Milli Gold Making Charges PKR 100/-
  • 250 Milli Gold Making Charges PKR 250/-
  • 500 Milli Gold Making Charges PKR 500/-
  • Delivery: At designated outlets.
  • Home delivery charges within Pakistan is Rs. 100/- and above (as per actual).
  • Earned ARY Coin/Milligold should be redeemed within 18 Months from the date earned.
  • ARY Sahulat Wallet registration is PKR 1500/- (Registration charges: Rs.100 + Rs.50 per month = Rs.150) + (Rs.50 per month x 11 months = Rs.550) + (Redemption Charges: Rs.800) + For Example: (PKR 150+PKR 550+PKR 800 = PKR 1500)
  • Active personal Mobile No. and Original CNIC are required to register ARY Sahulat Wallet Membership.
  • ARY Coin ¢ can only be redeemed with physical ARY Sahulat Wallet, with valid Contact Number which is provided at the time of Registration.
  • ARY Sahulat Wallet can be utilized for the purchase of retail transactions at ARY designated outlets or online at
  • ARY Sahulat Wallet reserves the right to share any transactional or personal information with government law enforcement body if requested.
  • ARY Sahulat Wallet reserves the rights to amend these terms and conditions without any prior notice.
  • ARY Sahulat Wallet reserves the right to cancel any membership at any point of time if ARY Sahulat Wallet is use for any wrong or illegal purpose.
  • ARY Sahulat Wallet is topup & loyalty wallet & should not be misconceived as credit card, debit card, or any other charge card.


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