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Sona Comiti


Introducing Gold Comiti for the first time in Pakistan for people from all classes of the society.

Keep your Gold safe with us by depositing money in your Sona Comiti account and getting it converted into pure Gold. Members can start off with an amount as low as Rs. 1000/-.

Membership benefits only exist inform of Gold.  You deposit MONEY and get in converted into GOLD; Rates are applied based on the gold rates at the time when money is deposited in the account of an individual.

Terms & conditions

1)      The Comiti is open to people who are atleast 18 years of age and have valid CNICs.

2)      There occurs a single draw for comiti per month.

3)      Whatever the money members deposit in the comiti a month, 11  months later  they get pure Gold in replacement of the total amount deposited.

4)      The minimum amount to be deposited for a start-up in this comiti Rs. 1000/-.

5)      After the initial deposit of Rs. 1000/-, members can deposit whatever the amount they wish to each month.

6)      Upon memebers' initial deposit of Rs. 1000/-. they get their names entered in a Lucky draw.

7)      If members start the comiti with a minimum of Rs. 15000/- in the Sona Comiti get their names entered in a luck draw.

8)      If members start off or deposit an amount  of Rs. 25000/- in the Sona Comiti account their names  entered in a lucky draw to win a house worth  rupees 1 crore.

9)      The minimum period of sona comiti is 11 months and the comiti can be renewed   after the completion period, upon the member’s wish.

10)      Money can be deposited in to the account through easy paisa  or HBL /Summit Banks.

11)      Members who enter the comiti shall be deemed to have accepted all the terms and conditions associated.  


Physical Delivery of Gold:

A Member is only eligible to take physical charge of the Gold present in his/ her account   when there is atleast 1 Gram of Gold available.

Gold is non-exchangeable, non-transferrable, and non-redeemable in form of cash or commodities.

The charges for making, courier, insurance, and/ or any taxes applicable shall be borne by the members in case of physical delivery. However, if you choose ARY Jewellers’ outlets in Karachi, Rawalpindi, or Lahore, the courier and insurance charges shall be waived.

The delivery is made through TCS and stallion (if available in the area) and an amount of Rs. 150/- is charged on a delivery as such. 


Write ARYSW WOC Send SMS to 8068

For Order Related Complaint Write ARYSW WOC Send SMS to 8068

Write ARYSW WOC Send SMS to 8068

For Order Related Complaint Write ARYSW WOC Send SMS to 8068