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One Dollar Deal Terms & Conditions

1. All individual customers are eligible to submit their bids using any suitable channel offered by the product.

2. Bid acceptance will be subject to receipt of complete information and bid amount realization to ARY using only prescribed channel.

3. In case of any gross discrepancy, where the bidder cannot be identified through the information submitted with bid, such bid can be stopped to enter in draw. Such bids can be sent to subsequent draws should the information is corrected anytime during the season. Later, such amount will be credited in the customer’s Sahulat wallet as the correct information is received, which can be spent at any given channel.

4. Amount lying in Top-up or made as Top-up in any bank does not mean submission of Bid unless it is submitted using the prescribed method.

5. ARY Sahulat is not responsible for any failure in transmitting the bid to ARY due to any technical glitch caused by including but not limited to input, application, transmission, output

6. All promotions of Dollar Deal and responses and receipts are transmitted from short code 8642 only. ARY Sahulat is not responsible for any information, receipt and/or dealing from any other short code.

7. One customer can submit multiple bids in a day.

8. However, the maximum amount of a single bid or multiple bids in a day is capped at 25,000/-

9. Successful bidder will be included in the lucky draw to play for a car. A limited time will be given to successful bidder in draw to bring on call, failing to which the draw can be repeated in favor of next chosen bidder in the draw. In this case the right of playing game for bidder who failed to become on-line will be forfeited.

10. In case the number typed/given in submission of bid is wrong and communication cannot be established and/or the bidder is failed to receive the call, the draw will be moved to choose a new bidder and the right of first successful bidder will be confiscated.

11. ARY Sahulat reserves the right to forfeit any entitlement due to discrepancy in the names, mobile number or ownership of mobile number

12. Name or Accent of the name would differ as spelled out in the bid inscription. ARY will not be responsible for any claim on how the name was pronounced.

13. The corporate packages are fixed with amount and the participation of bids are distributed by the number of campaign days e.g. total number of bids will be distributed by the available / remaining number of days of the campaign and any odd number will be added in the first draw, while rest would be equally distributed with equal bids per remaining day.

14. The amount of bid would be credited in the bidder’s Sahulat Account, which can be consumed in full or partial to purchase any products of ARY Brand Affiliates. Such purchases can be made by visiting the physical outlets of the brands or ARY Business Alliances or even on-line at

15. Amount deposited for Dollar Deal, cannot be fetched back in any condition.

16. The successful bidders will be responsible to comply with the guidelines to receive the prize, failing in compliance the right to receive the prize will be seized and no claim will be accepted later.

17. Bidders must be carrying a valid established instrument to identify the bidder at the time of prize delivery.

18. In case of major discrepancy in the Name as submitted in the bid and/or mentioned on identification instrument presented, the decision of ARY Sahulat will be final and binding for acceptance.

19. For communication with the bidder, the mobile number received in the bid submission will be used. No communication, request and/or claim will be accepted using any other number.

20. ARY Sahulat reserves the right to adjust any fee from the top-up amount at the time of spending as processing fee.

21. ARY Sahulat reserves the right to extend the loyalty points called ARY Coins against the payment transaction using top-up value with any percentage prevalent and feasible to it for this product.

22. Customer will be able to spend top-up value using any means e.g. Sahulat Card, Sahulat Mobile Application by visiting the physical outlet of Business Alliance network or online Sahulat Bazar.

23. In case of using online shopping, courier charges may apply as per standards. In addition the options of waiving courier charges above a specific amount will remain available for Dollar Deal customers.

24. In case there is no product available matching to the top-up value in account, customer can use this amount as partial payment and can pay the rest in cash or any other available mode.

25. Existing customers, having top-up value in their Sahulat Account can be given a negative option to respond for not participating in the Dollar Deal. In case of no response of that offer automatic bids equal to the top-up value will be submitted to give equitable opportunity to Sahulat Customers.


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