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Mattel Pictionary Junior English

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Mattel Pictionary Junior English

SKU: TZ- 014
Brand: Toy Zone
PKR 3,499
PKR 2,435
Get VB Upto: PKR 243.5
Guaranteed VALUE BACK (T & C Apply): PKR 48.7 Mattel Pictionary Junior English

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Pictionary Junior is a simplified version of the parent game, designed for a younger audience. Players divide into two teams, each with one Picturist and the rest of the players as Guessers. If there are only 3 players, one can act as full-time Picturist. The game consists of rolling a die to circle a linear track on the board. Topics to draw come from cards. An hourglass marks the time limit for guessing. The cards contain simpler topics than the parent game, more suitable for children. Guessing correctly earns the next roll.

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