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Magic Sand With Amazing Molds (Large)

Buy Magic Sand With Amazing Molds (Large)  online

Magic Sand With Amazing Molds (Large)

SKU: TZ- 013
Brand: Toy Zone
PKR 2,499
PKR 1,680
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Magic sand - this is a unique material for children's creativity. At first glance, it resembles moist sand of the sea, but as soon as you take it in your hand - manifested its unusual properties. He runs through his fingers, and remains dry at the same time! He's loose, but it is possible to build a variety of shapes. It is pleasant to the touch, leaves no residue on the hands and can be used as a means of relaxing and therapeutic.

To play with the Magic sand do not require instruction and guidance. With it's fun to play as the one child, and a few at a time. Live magic sand develops fine motor skills, sensory perception and creativity. Also, it is perfectly relieves stress and has a therapeutic effect.

*Suitable for ages 3+ yrs old.

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