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Electric Head Lice Comb

Electric Head Lice Comb

SKU: Clickone-0012
Stock: In stock
Brand: Click One
PKR 1,600

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V Comb Head Lice Comb is an innovative and natural way of getting rid of lice
or nits. It is pesticide and chemical free, and can be used by both children
and adults. This electric device eliminates lice and its eggs with the ease of
combing. The stainless steel toothed comb smoothly runs across the scalp to
gently lift lice, which are sent into the patented capture filter. After the
treatment is over, you only need to detach the filter and snap on the lid for
hygienic disposal.

head lice treatment V Comb is an easy way to get rid of nits or lice if you
happen to find them on your kids' head. It works best on dry hair and doesn’t
require any harmful chemicals. You just need to attach a fresh capture filter
onto the V Comb combing head and reattach the head to the main body. Once you
do that, you can instantly start the treatment! Correspondingly, as you comb
through the hair, the disposable capture filters securely trap lice and their


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