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ARY Sahulat Bazar Online Shopping in Pakistan
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AKIRA - Singapore

AKIRA is one of Singapore’s largest electronic company with subsidiaries around the world since 1996. It is present in over 60 countries across the globe and has a wide spectrum of products which are known for their innovative features, durability and attractive designs. AKIRA has been operating in Pakistan for almost a decade with specifically designed products to meet local consumer needs in Pakistan. Our innovative LED lineup includes EDGE LED with Protective Glass, Smart LED with Digital Tuner, LEDs with Built-In Sound Bar and 12V DC input.

Earn ARY Coin ¢ 3213

PKR 18,900

Earn ARY Coin ¢ 3735

PKR 24,900

Earn ARY Coin ¢ 4035

PKR 26,900

Earn ARY Coin ¢ 6273

PKR 36,900

Earn ARY Coin ¢ 5306

PKR 37,900

Earn ARY Coin ¢ 5586

PKR 39,900

Earn ARY Coin ¢ 11142

PKR 61,900

Earn ARY Coin ¢ 10544

PKR 65,900


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