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ARY Sahulat Bazar Online Shopping in Pakistan
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The Day That Gave Birth to Pakistan!

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The nation that came into being as a result of severe hardships borne by its leaders, the struggle its founder had been through, the precious blood of its dear martyred soldiers, and has been through so much is reaching 69 years of its age in all its glory and spirit.  14th August is the day when Pakistanis come out as one big, united nation and accrediting just one identity; PAKISTANI, regardless of all the religious, cast, class, and color differences.
INDEPENDENCE DAY, known as Yaum-e Azadi in Urdu, memorializes the day when Pakistan achieved independence and was declared an independent nation subsequent to the end of the British regime in 1947. Pakistan came into existence as a result of the Pakistan Movement led by Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The foremost Independence Day ceremony takes place in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, where the national flag is craned at the Presidential and Parliament buildings. It is followed by the national anthem and patriotic speeches by leaders. Usual celebratory events and festivities for the day include flag-raising ceremonies, parades, cultural events, and the playing of patriotic songs. A number of award ceremonies are often held on this day, and citizens often hoist the national flag atop their homes or display it prominently on their vehicles and attire.

Azad Pakistan

In order to join hands with all other Pakistani individuals, leaders, and organizations, and to commemorate all what Pakistan has given to its civilians, ARY has devised “SHUKRIYA PAKISTAN” campaign in association with “Brand Engage” which aims to decorate major landmarks and monuments in Karachi to celebrate the 69th independence day of our beloved homeland Pakistan. The campaign shall be in vogue from 1st till 14th August with the aspiration to illuminate the city of Karachi’s major historic buildings and acknowledge the efforts and struggle put in by the founder Quaid-e-azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and various other leaders, soldiers, and enthusiasts.
Quaid Mazar karachi

The campaign also has associated a beautiful number sung by the musical maestro Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, featuring celebs like Iqrar-ul-hasan, Waseem Badami, Neelam Yousuf, Shahid Khan Afridi, Sohail Abbas, Shan, and others.


 Famous ARY


Let us all unite and celebrate the pride we take in being Pakistanis and pay homage to the phenomenal events, leaders, soldiers, martyrs, artists, social activists, humanitarians, philanthropists, and other talented individuals that exist or have ever existed in the history of Pakistan and added to the image and development of the nation. Happy 69th independence and a very happy birthday to our beloved motherland. Pakistan Zindabad!


Image of  Shirt blog - The heart of men's wardrobe

Over the last decade, men’s shirts have gone from being perceived as strictly formal to a “for any/all occasion” option and this is one of the major reasons there is a wide variety of these shirts available in different categories including casual, semi-formal, and formal ones. Casual and/or semi-formal dress shirts have completely altered the idea of dressing on picnics and parties, where on the other hand, formal shirts are fit for all official and formal gatherings/occasions; within or without suit coats.

Today, whether one’s fashion approach is chinos or suit-up, shirts are essential. Brands like Cotton & Cotton, RedTree, DS Collection, The Warehouse, and others present in the shirts’ collection have a variety of articles in the same category. Whatever the bottom article one has to wear, the variety of shirts available caters to it. These shirts are available in different cuts, patterns, collars, blends, colors, and even fabrics. The tactful combo of the right shirt with a traditional suit can turn an ordinary outfit and a person into an extraordinary and dapper one.

When it comes to people who are new in adopting the dress shirt style, they must seek variety and versatility. The WOW feature about dress shirts is that there are a lot of color combos which are imagined to look weird when worn, but this is not the case here. A number of tones of shirts can be paired with different statement colors of suits, dress pants, and jeans and they would make you look all flamboyant and creative without adding a boring touch that t-shirts are usual to present.

Avoid edges, and slowly build your range by playing with patterns, colors, and styles that go together with your features. Once you have this down, you can with confidence move into complex world of multi-color patterns and eccentric style.

Grab your favorite shirt now and enter into the phase of transformation.


Bike Comiti

For the first time in Pakistan, ARY brings to you an exclusive offer in form of Bike Comiti.

The bike comiti is a 9 month comiti which starts with a an initial deposit of Rs. 5000/- and the rest of the amount is paid in easy installments through-out the 9 month period each month. The benefits don’t end here!! Bike comiti, along with the ease of payment, has several other exciting presents associated. The wow-feature here is a lucky-draw that occurs every week for the bike comiti members and whoever wins the draw is entitled to have all the remaining installments waived. The comiti members also get amazing chances to win a house worth 1 crore via lucky-draw, passes of “Jeeto Pakistan” or “Eidi Sab Kay Lye” shows, value-back offer, and jewellery worth Rs. 45000/-.

Where other than ARY could one find such an offer?



ARY Fashion Bazar

Seeking a reliable online store to shop at? Here’s ARY introducing the very affordable and easy-to-access FASHION BAZAR to better serve the needs of customers.

A lot of online stores exist, but no other like Fashion Bazar-ARY where you get all 3 features you look for when shopping online: Quality Assurance, Variety, and Reasonable Rates (Including Value-Back offer and opportunity to win exciting prizes through “Jeeto Pakistan”). Today, ARY is excited to share with you this step towards serving these 3 major needs of its customers; all on a single platform. ARY Fashion Bazar has a wide variety of women’s clothing brands, especially renowned names in the fraternity of Lawn clothing like Pareesa, Lajwanti, Resham Ghar and many more. In addition to extensive ranges of clothing available from these popular brands, what draws the consumer’s loyalty towards ARY Fashion Bazar is the quality of its products. Last but not the least, ARY aims to provide its customers with the best quality stuff at reasonable rates and thus provides opportunity to win prizes through “Jeeto Pakistan”and the very interesting “Value-Back” option on purchase. You make a purchase and get up to 100% Value Back which can be redeemed in form of Silver and/or Diamond jewellery items available on the website. What more could you ask for?

Gear up, log on to ARY Fashion Bazar and get your hands on a wide variety of clothing options available from famous brands out there, in addition to the very exciting money-saving options.


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